About Us

In Bedford, Texas, during Christmas of 2017, Ernesto González “Cheny” started an online movement with the help of his friend Jaime Vives. The goal, is to promote parrandas online, uniting all the diaspora with the local people who are still in Puerto Rico that suffered the hit of category five Hurricane María. Bringing song, as a relief to the pain they have, the parrandas are typical ways to share the Christmas spirit during December in Puerto Rico.

In order to promote the concept, “Cheny” approached a local radio station on the island. The idea, was to support the people on the island, by celebrating the Parrandas Virtuales concept with people around the world and  traigoestatrulla.com. Looking for the rights to use the popular songs, Ernesto, after much research, found Herminio de Jesus, the author of the music. Herminio loved the idea and gave his support. 3,000 people eventually joined the facebook group and celebrated the traditional parrandas online, in an virtual social environment.

After the acceptance of the parrandas virtuales, Ernesto saw the opportunity to celebrate the Sansebastián Festival in Dallas/Fortworth and approach a local restaurant El Jibarito Latin Kitchen and a local Radio Station Ritmo 95.5 to support the event idea.   More than 6,000 show at the event and was a total success.

In 2018 we incorporate Traigo esta Trulla as a non for profit organization and now we want to keep growing the organization and unite more and more  Puerto Ricans around the world to show and educate everyone about who we are and how we celebrate Christmas.